Simone Masiero

Applicable Experience


From a young age I always enjoyed developing; I taught myself how to code in various languages and, more importantly, how to build upon new platforms and new technologies. I crave learning and approach a challenging project as an opportunity to expand my knowledge.

Through my personal incentive and drive, I created several websites and apps, some of which are used by millions of people all over the world.

Web Developer - 32Red Brand of Kindred Group (2018 - 2019)

  • Develop the new Event Insight service for real time events
  • Create and maintain new promotions
  • Integrated new version of the game APIs

In my role at 32Red I have been able to expand on my existing knowledge of PHP and Frontend Frameworks. In the process of building the new tools for the company I had the opportunity to focus on writing more tests and enforcing best practices that then went to improve the general quality of the other projects.

Android Developer - ViewRanger (2014 - 2018)

  • Developed and maintained the Android version of the App
  • Designed the communication protocol for the Wear Application
  • Created a new map rendering engine with Canvas API
  • Implemented a 3D engine for Augmented Reality in OpenGL ES

When I joined ViewRanger my first task was to overhaul the whole UI and bring it up to date with the latest Material Design guidelines. After a huge effort, Google rewarded us with the title of Top Developer.

Following this, we started to improve the inner workings of the app with the bleeding edge of the available libraries such as Retrofit and RxJava.

Thanks to our efforts, we were able to add new and exciting features to the app, including Augmented Reality and a powerful Wear application.

UX Developer - Bango (2012 - 2014)

  • Built the App Stores (Mozilla and in-house)
  • Maintained various Analytics Dashboards
  • Integrated Carrier APIs

While my title was UX Developer, my role was more that of a full stack web developer working on all levels of the platform, from back-end (MSSQL, C#, ASP.NET) to front-end (raw JS with jQuery).

In this role I was able to strengthen my C# skills and knowledge of the .NET framework while learning about concepts like MVC, dependency injection and other useful patterns.

I also learnt to work in an Agile environment and had the opportunity to develop for companies such as Mozilla and Facebook.